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Established in 2003, Tech-Wear is dedicated to providing best functional garments that combine technical advancements, innovative design, and expert manufacturing. We offer an extensive collection of premium functional apparel that includes flame-resistant clothing, high visibility garments, workwear, rainwear, sportswear, and lifestyle clothing. With our own state-of-the-art factories located in China and Myanmar, Tech-Wear ensures high-quality production and efficient manufacturing processes.

Sustainability & Recycling

Sustainability in textile production is a top issue on the global market and Tech-Wear commit to be a socially responsible and environment sustainable company. Tech-Wear are actively sourcing and developing new sustainable materials and bringing more recycled and sustainable products to clients.

Tech-Wear fully support with clients to contribute to the environmental sustainability goal by using less packaging or using recycled packing materials, reducing cutting waste, reducing water consumption, reducing harmful effects of production on environment and ensuring that the materials in final product are actually recycled and sustainable.

Tech-Wear have chosen GRS to a partner of this ongoing sustainable process out of the reason that they have the rigorous traceability on entire supply chain by the TC (Transaction Certificate) for each batch of products.

Popular Products

Tech-Wear strive to provide the best functional garments by combining technical development, innovation, design and manufacture.

Our Advantages


20 years experience in manufacturing and quality assurance procedures.


Providing professional advice, in-house test and certification support.


Designing & Promoting up-to-date stylish models per quarter.


Sourcing and Developing new technological fibers, fabrics and sustainable materials.

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